Adel E7F4

Adel E7F4

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Main features
  • Optical sensor with high resolution (500dpi).
  • Mortise with five latches, higher security.
  • Three independent unlocking:Fingerprint PIN/Code or Mechanical Key.
  • Capacity: Maximum 120 fingerprints in 4 groups.
  • Allow to erase single fingerprint or group fingerprints.
  • Fingerprint can be enrolled and erased on the lock directly. No PC Connection is required.
  • Rotating outside/inside lever can lock deadbolt.
  • Blue background light, convenient for night use. 
  • "Normal open"Status can be set for meeting or events.
  • Operated by four AA alkaline batteries, with low voltage alert.
  • A 9V stand-by battery for emergency.
  • Antistrike function: When the door is closed, the antistrike latch is pressed against the doorframe, which prevents the door from being opened simply by something like credit card. 
  • Standalone, suitable for office, meeting room, residence etc.
  • Technical parameters

    Gear Clutch

    • Gear clutch adopts motorization design. It is the core of the mortise in electronic lock.
    • Stainless steel , with PVD coated surface.
    • Rotate strength of motor is not used directly, but is enlarged by 10 times with drive of the double-gear.
    • Power consumption is reduced and life-span of battery is prolonged.

    DIN Mortise

    • 5 latches with alarming function.
    • Install size matches ANSI.
    • Suitable for rebated door for its small thickness.


    • Residence,villa.
    • Company or government office.
    • Meeting room,accountant office,storehouse,etc.


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