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iCatch H.264 16ch DVR

iCatch H.264 16ch DVR

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SKU: iCatch H.264 8ch DVR_1616
Weight: 5 kg, 0 grams
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Brand: iCatch
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H.264 16CH Real-Time DVR
Model : DVR1616

Main Features

●H.264 16CH Real-Time DVR 
●Main Monitor(VGA, BNC Outputs),Spot Monitor (BNC Output) Support
●Triple Streaming for Live Display, Playback, and Recording
●E-Map for Support for CMS
●MAC OS Support
●iOS / Android Support
●3G Dongle Support*
●eSATA for External HDD
●HDMI Video Output Support

*3G support may not be available on some ISPs


icatch dvr


icatch dvr


icatch dvr